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UNIAPAC is an International meeting place for Christian Business Executives to promote the Christian Social Thought within the business world and the Society.

For an Economy serving Mankind, the dignity of the human person and the Common Good.

UNIAPAC aims to be a source of inspiration and support for leaders who are willing to transform their business endeavors into a Noble Vocation.

The purpose
of UNIAPAC is:

To unite, guide and inspire business leaders so that, in the light of Christian Social Thought, they commit themselves to:

  • Their personal formation

  • The transformation of their companies and their businesses’ environment

  • The contribution to the construction of a fairer and more humane society

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International Think Tank

Each annual themed meeting has gathered together high-level speakers such as economists, business leaders, theologians, philosophers, sociologists, etc.

Opinion serie

The UNIAPAC Foundation created Opinion Series in 2012. Each publication takes an in-depth look at a theme linked to the Foundation’s subjects of reflection.


With the same ambition, the UNIAPAC Foundation also supports the writing, translation and publication of various documents tackling fundamental questions from an innovative standpoint:

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