Annual General Meeting of the Swiss Association of Christian Entrepreneurs (VCU) International Meeting UNIAPAC. 1 to 4 may Zurich, Switzerland

Annual General Meeting of the Swiss Association of Christian Entrepreneurs. May 2014

World Congress Lyon 2012

UNIAPAC - World Congress 2015 30 Sep -2 Oct 2015 Belo Horizonte - Brazil

XXV Uniapac World Congress; in Belo Horizonte;

XXV Uniapac World Congress In Belo Horizonte

XXV Uniapac World Congress In Belo Horizonte

International Conference: "Business Leaders as agents of economic and social inclusion"



On November 17th and 18th, 605 BUSINESS LEADERS AND DECISION MAKERS gathered in the Vatican City to commit for a more inclusive economy. They came from 49 COUNTRIES for a joint international conference organized by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and the International Christian Union of the Business Executives (UNIAPAC).

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Thank you to all speakers, participants and sponsors. You will hear from us very soon to keep working on the ideas that emerged during this fruitful conference.


Uniapac work on CSR

In 2008, UNIAPAC International released the document “The Profit of Values” which promoted the organization’s vision on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) focused on the human person.

Ethics, Common Good & Sustainability

UNIAPAC aims to contribute to public debates on contemporary social issues triggered by new technological advances and economic growth at global level as a means to focus on the crucial need to show the utmost respect to man in all circumstances and to promote amongst business leaders an economy that serves people and the common good.

Inter-faith Dialogue

In the Dialogue of Religions and Cultures, UNIAPAC has a position strongly inspired by the words of John Paul II: "From the point of view of faith and charity, going towards the other cannot be limited to communicate to him what we understood from the Lord, but it is actually also to receive from him the good that he has been given to discover."
Hence UNIAPAC has encouraged many initiatives to open a space of dialogue with the Muslim world, in many countries, mainly Lebanon, Italy, Germany, France, Morocco, Ivory Coast etc...  

Christian Management Education

Uniapac project on “Christian Management Education” (CME) consists of a wide international inquiry on the need to form the business leaders on the main principles of the Christian Social Thinking, which do allow them for  better management decisions in their specific mission of  contributing to a qualified social - economic development, based on the centrality of the human person.  This inquiry tries to collect a series of exemplary experiences to be released to business organizations, companies and the academic world.  The CME project is aimed at all business leaders, since their entry into the enterprise and along with their gradually increasing responsibilities. 

Business leaders

About the Conference

Pope Francis in his apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium and reiterated and reinforced in his Encyclical Letter Laudato Si, demands that all economic policies ought to be shaped by the dignity of each human person and the pursuit of the common good. Celebrating the Extraordinary Year of Mercy established by Pope Francis, this conference will give the opportunity to the business leaders for:

  • reflecting on better ways to create a working environment based on the principles of the Christian social though, including solidarity, subsidiarity and the pursuit of the Common Good.
  • finding ways to unlock new sources of productive employment and translate economic growth into broad-based progress in living standards and a more widely shared prosperity.
  • developing strategies, identifying best practices, forming partnerships and laying the foundation for catalyzing public sector, civil society and business community to better serve the poor and vulnerable


The very oldest national federations of Catholic employers were those formed in :
• The Netherlands, 1915
• Belgium, 1921
• France, 1926

Several of the leaders of these national federations have played a role in the Catholic Church's Social Doctrine, such as Léon Harmel who led his family's textile firm in the North of France (Val des Bois). He influenced Leo XIII in the encyclical Rerum Novarum.

Process of beatification for Enrique Shaw

Buenos Aires, Argentina, Aug 3, 2015 CNA/EWTN News.

Pope Francis’ desire to see the late Argentine businessman Enrique Shaw raised to the altars could be close to fruition, according to the postulator of Shaw's cause for beatification.

Uniapac International Board Meeting 
May 6th 2016,  in Monterrey (Mexico)


On March 14th, 2015, Conference hosted by the Belgian association ADIC on "Rethinking the enterprise with and for the next generations". 

Saturday 14 March, 2015 – Brussels

On December 13, the new Ucid Board was received by Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State...

Uniapac Latin American Board Meeting 

Thursday May 5th 2016,  in Monterrey (Mexico).

WORKSHOP on the Uniapac CSR Protocol

Wednesday May 4th 2016, in Monterrey (Mexico).

XIII Symposium CELAM-UNIAPAC in Monterrey, México. Meeting for dialogue between businessmen and bishops. The theme is “the company, a peace actor”

Thursday May 5th 2016,  in Monterrey (Mexico).

Conference on Christian Management Education (CME) held in Madrid, on November 26, 2015 , co-organized by the Spanish Uniapac association ASE, CEU  (San Pablo University), KAS and UNIAPAC.

The Spanish Member Association ASE (Acción Social Empresarial) with the support of KAS and Uniapac has organized a Conference on CME in Madrid on  November 26, 2015. It was the occasion to present initiatives and actions done by UNIAPAC Business Leaders to train and support Business Leaders.


Uniapac Africa Board Meeting 
March 31st 2016,  in Abidjan (Ivory Coast)

WORKSHOP organized by UNIAPAC Africa entitled "Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainable development in Africa" to be held on 2 April 2016 in Abidjan Ivory Coast. This event complements the “Think Tank´” held in Praia in Cape Verde in April 2015 whose theme was "Africa and Sustainable Development".

During this event will be discussed important issues with the presence of involving entrepreneurs and people with experiences in different economic areas from different regions and countries.